Granta 128



Granta: The Magazine of New Writing, Issue 128, American Wild

Granta is a British literary magazine published four times a year. The summer issue’s banner reads American Wild. It includes essays, short fiction, poetry and photo essays.

Chasing Wolves in the American West conforms most closely to what one might expect from a Wilderness issue: An Orion-worthy piece on the Mexican grey wolf reintroduction program in New Mexico and Arizona. Adam Nicholson writes an even-keeled piece—not so easy where wolves are involved—which manages to be both a primer on local rewilding and a thoughtful travelogue.

However, for me, the fiction selections were the most absorbing. Diane Cook’s Mast Year is the second story I’ve read this summer about a woman who turns into a tree. In Grandma and Me, by Thomas McGuane, a deadbeat preschool teacher leaves his grandma out in the elements to go for a beer…

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