U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service Reverses Wolverine Protection Proposal

GarryRogers Nature Conservation

Source:  Phys.org

Wolverine Protection In Doubt

wolverine_760_600x450 Photo: National Park Service

“A U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service official has ordered federal biologists to withdraw their conclusion that the last 300 wolverines in the continental United States deserve threatened species status.

 “The biologists had recommended the protection on grounds that climate change is destined to destroy the near arctic conditions of the remaining animals’ habitat – even though the population of about 300 has shown signs of slight growth in recent years.

“Officials in three states where most of the animals are still found – Wyoming, Montana and Idaho – vigorously objected. They argued that conclusions about the effects climate change will have on wolverine habitat are premature.

“The states also warned that safeguarding the animals could have dire economic impacts on recreational activities, development and trapping on large swaths of alpine terrain already locally managed for wolverines in their states.”


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